Save The Cabin


Dedicated to all the  Redbone families who gave and sacrificed to win Independence for Texas!


Texas Revolution Soldiers

Zacheria Stringer, Seminole War, Black Hawk War, Texas Revolution

Thomas Goings, Texas Revolution

William H. Taylor, Texas Revolution

Josiah Taylor, Texas Revolution

George W. Chapman, Texas Revolution

Stephen Frazier, Texas Revolution

William Frazier, Texas Revolution


About This Project

Republic of Texas Give me liberty of give me death

Republic of Texas League and Labor, proceeds of which built this little cabin in Burke, Texas. We are looking for any help, monetary or otherwise to raise the funds desperately needed to purchase and restore the cabin. THe cabin is set for demolish at anytime, so we are in a desperate bid to to save it and create a small Redbone museum and gathering area. Any amount is appreciated and in-kind or professional help, is always encouraged.

Republic of Texas League & Labor


Please help us save our cultural home. We would like to buy and restore this last known log cabin in East Texas built by the hands of the most famous of Redbone clans. We have his “recipe” for mortar and cement in our archives and will publish that as soon as we can.

The Nash family. The cabin is in miserable disrepear and is subject to total destruction if we are unable to raise the money soon to save it. To find out more about the Redbone People of East Texas & Louisiana please visit under construction. We would like to restore it to original humble home and create a museum where visitor’s and Redbone’s can come and enjoy our culture and history. This little cabin also reflects the East Texas culture and log home building techniques.

Original Cabin at completion

Thank you for any donation you are able to contribute.

A plaque and certificate of appreciation to the preservation of Redbone Culture and Texas History will be presented. Descendants who participate, your families will be honored in your name. Those folks who are not associated with the Redbone Nation, will be assigned an “orphan” Redbone family or historical accounting or documentation for display, in honor of your generous donation. Awards are to be presented at a ceremony in the future.

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Thank you again for your support!