Nash-Perkins/Pickens-Reese-Anderson SC Extracted Probate Records

Nash-Perkins/Pickens-Reese-Anderson SC Extracted Probate Records

James Nash. Wife: Ann Nash. Sons: Larkin Nash, James Nash, George Nash, Valentine Nash. Daughter: Nancy Nash. Exors: Wife, Ann Nash, sons, Larkin Nash and George Nash. Wit: none named. Date: 31 July 1805. Probate: 19 Jan. 1807. Bk. A p. 81, roll 511. Anderson Co, SC.

Isaac Perkins. Wife: “dear and loving wife” not named. Son: Richard Perkins. Daughters: none named. Exor: Wife, not named. Witnesses: John C. Patrick, Alexander Patrick, Barthoolmew Wollam. Date: 10 Feb. 1794. Probate: 20 April 1795. Source: Bk. C p. 53, Roll 557. Rec. April 1795, roll 557. Anderson Co, SC.

Ezekiel Pickens of St. Thomas Parish: Wife: Elizabeth Pickens. Sons: Ezekiel Pickens (oldest), Samuel Bonneau Pickens. Daughters: Elizabeth Bonneau Pickens. (Sons & daughter above from first marriage). Children of the second marriage were: Thomas Jones Pickens, Andrew Calhoun Pickens, and Mary Barksdale Pickens. “Wife shall have a right to reside on any or either of my plantations in the lower or upper country.” (All children were under age 21).Exors: Wife Elizabeth Pickens, my brother, Col. Andrew Pickens., my friend John Caldwell Calhoun of Abbeville. Wits: Pant Weston, George P.B. Hasell, Roger Pinckney. Date: 19 May 1813. Probate: 13 September 1813. Bk. A p. 16

Israel Pickens 0, Roll 530. (Not in the probate file)(This date does seem to be correct). Anderson Co, SC.. Wife: mentioned by not named. Sons: Ezekiel Pickens, Andrew Pickens, John Pickens. Daughters: Elizabeth Pickens Stewart, Matilda Pickens, Sally Pickens Williams, Ellender Pickens, Mary Pickens. Land: “I formerly lived on Rocky River.” Exors: James Casper, David Boid. Wits: John Davis, Samuel Norris, John Berill. Date: 5 Jan. 1829. Probate: 2 March 1829. Bk. A p. 384, Roll 563. Anderson Co, SC.

John Pickens. Wife: not named. Sons: Joseph Pickens, John Pickens. Daughters: Hannah Caldwell, Elinor Pickens, Sarah Pickens. Comments: Land 340 Acres with the mill … To my son John if he returns. Exors: Wife, not named, son, Joseph Pickens. Witnesses: John McAlister, James Gordon, Alexander McAlister. Date: 22 Sept. 1795. Probate: 27 June 1796. Source: Bk. C p. 84, Roll 562, Rec. 27 June 1796. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Robert Pickens. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: Robert Pickens and Andrew Pickens. Daughter: Jain Norwood. Other Heirs: gs John Pickens, gd, Martha Pickens, gd Margaret Pickens, gd, Elizabeth Pickens. Elinor Prater. Exors: son, Robert Pickens, Miriam Pickens. Witnesses: James Seawright, Samuel Reed, Margaret Sharp. Date: 20 Jan. 1783. Probate: 1 June 1793. Source: Bk. C p. 15, Roll 533, Recorded 14 Sept. 1793. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Pickens. Wife: Dorcas (dec’d 1829-30). Sons: Robert Pickens, Andrew Pickens, John Pickens. Daughters: Margaret Pickens, Elizabeth Pickens, Mary Bowman, Dorcas Paris, Ann Bolding. Exors: sons Andrew Pickens and Robert Pickens. Wits: J. Douthit, James Smith, James Oliver. Date: 3 Jan. 1823. Probate: 6 Sept. 1830. Bk. A p. 405, Roll 534. Anderson Co, SC.

William Pickens. Wife: not named. Sons: Josiah Pickens, Joshua Pickens, Moses Pickens. Daughters: Ruth Pickens w/o Aaron Phillips, Sarah Pickens w/o Shadrach Harrison. Land: “Lying on both sides of Colonels Fork of Conoross Creek.” Exors: John C. Kilpatrick, Josiah Foster. Wits: R.H. Grant, Aaron Terrell, Aaron Shannon. Codicil Exors: John C. Kilpatrick, Peter Kilpatrick, William Simpson, Asa Smithson. Date: 29 March 1816. Probate 3 March 1827. Bk. A. p. 353, Roll 541. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Reese (Clergyman). Wife: Jane Reese. Sons: Edwin Reese, Thomas Sidney Reese, Elihu Harris Reese, Henry Dodson Reese. Daughters: Leah Reese, Lydia Reese, Susannah Reese. Land Location: “lies on the north side of 23 Mile Creek” Exors: Wife, Jane Reese, Ezekiel Pickens, George Reese, John Harris, Robert M. Cann. Witnesses: William Steel, William Hunter, Elizabeth Miller. Date: 28 April 1796. Probate 19 Sept. 1796. Source: Bk. C p. 92, Roll 593. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Thomas Sidney Reese. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: not mentioned. Other Heirs: Edwin Reese (Bro), Henry D. Reese (Bro). Land Location: 20 Mile Creek. Exors: not named. Witnesses: Lewis D. Martin, John Taylor. Date: not given. Probate: 16 April 1798. Source: Bk. C p. 129, Rec. 16 April 1798. Anderson Co, SC.