Veteran’s Roll Call

Veterans Roll Call of Honor

Redbone Heritage Foundation

4th Annual Conference

Public Library

Nacogdoches, Texas

November 14, 2008

I hear their whispers…ethereal, soft and still.
Daughter, if you do not remember us, who will?

Yellow Ribbons

Derek Bell, US Army, current conflict, Iraq

Steven Breitag US Army, current conflict

Ryan Husby, US Army, serving in current conflict

Lt. Nick Ferri, USMC, current conflic


Buddie F. Calhoun, US Air Force

Jessie Calhoun, US Army

Durl Gene Calhoun, KIA Viet Nam 1970

Marcel Davis –US Army, Viet Nam 1965.

Avon Fee US Army

James Thomas Fee, Korea 1950, US Army

Thurman Fee US Army

Gary “Gabe” Gabehart, Chickasaw, US Navy, Cuba

Timothy Lewis Gabehart, Chickasaw, US Army, Red Sea

Richard Gabehart, Chickasaw, US Army, Post War Germany

Wm A Garcia USAF1980- 83Peace time

Clarence Leon Goins, USMC 1957-1960

Dwight “Sonny Boy” Goins, USMC 1957-1960

Howard Goins USAF 1963-1967

Jerome Joseph Hoelscher, Sgt. US Army – Korea

Aundon Hinkle, US Marine Corps, 1944 – 1947

Farrell Hinkle, US Air Force, 1959-1963

George Aaron Morris USN WWII , Rank MM3, served aboard the USS Bladen

Aubrey Townsend, West Point Graduate, Merchant Marines,

US Marine Corps,-France & Germany,, Cuba,

Bobby D. Smiddy My Husband Sgt. Alpha Co. 2/60 9th Inf. Div., Mekong Delta 1969


Howard Hugh Ashworth, SSgt, WWII, Battle of the Bulge, Europe

Kenneth Barfield, US Marine, WWII

Clint Davis, US Army, World War II Veteran 1940

Amos C. Calhoun, WWII

Daniel Calhoun, Korea, WWII US Navy

Nelon Calhoun, WWII US Navy

Milton Fee, US Navy WWII

WWII Continued

Joe Willie Gabehart, Chickasaw, US Army, WWII –

Battle of the Bulge, Europe

Lloyd Goins, Merchant Marines, WWII

Ervin Goins, US Army, WWII, Europe

Farley Benjamin Goins, US Navy, WWII & Korea

Grady Goins, US Army WWII & Philippines

Wilson Goins, US Army WWII

Earl Gaston Goins, WWII, Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross. “Earl was told by Patton that he missed the Congressional Medal of Honor by a tiny bit.”

Lewis A Hilburn, WW II, Korea, and VietNam

Minor Columbus Hinkle, US Army, 1940-1944, died Dec 14, 1944,
Palawan POW, Philippine Islands

Raymond McLeod, WWII US Navy

Joe Preston Parrott, US Army, WWII, Germany & France
Carl Wayne Stringer, United States Army, Korea

Raymond B Tober, US WW IIKilled in Action France6-29-1944

Deward Stringer US Army, WWII

James R, Turner, US Army WW2, Korea, Viet Nam

Robert Willis, USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor, Hi. WWII

James R, Turner, US Army WW2, Korea, Viet Nam

Billy A. Bunch U.S. Navy (LST-636 and USS Pine Island)
Chester Smiddy S/Sgt. U. S. Army
Elmer Lee Floyd U.S. Army Anzio Beach
Horace Richard Floyd U. S. Army
Roy Willard Floyd U. S. Army


Benjamin (Buddie) F. Calhoun, WW1 US Army

Merlie Calhoun, WW1 US Army

William Welcome Morris US Army Aircorp, WWI

Dr. Daniel O. Willis, WW1

General Jackson Hinkle, US Army, 1920-1924

David Stonewall Hinkle US Army, 1921-1925 and US Navy 1942-1944

The War Between the States

John C. Calhoun, CSA

Joseph Calhoun, CSA

Aaron Fee, CSA

ClementeGalindo, CSA

Daniel Goins, Confederate Soldier, NC 2nd Cavalry, Vicksburg

James Goins (also listed as Santiago Goins) son of Jeremiah Goins and Charity Sarafina Drake.

Rayborn Goins (son of Jeremiah Goins and Charity Sarafina Drake) CSA

Ruebin Goins(son of Jeremiah Goins and Charity Sarafina Drake) CSA

Mathias Mowery, Texas militia and confederate cav. Death 1864 union POW camp

Lewis Mulkey CSA

Benjamin Nash, CSA

Manuel “Command” Nash, Cresent Regiment, Co. I,

Louisiana Infantry,War

Burrell Nash, Private, Company C, 18th Louisiana Infantry

William Nevilles/Nevels CSA

Confederate Recruit Wilson Ashley Parker, Enlisted March 20, 1862, private, Company F, 22nd Texas Infantry, Hubbard’s Regiment. Died in measles outbreak, buried at mass grave Ft Lott, Texas

Confederate Recruit Peter Logan Parker, Enlisted March 20, 1862, private, Company F, 22nd Texas Infantry, Hubbard’s Regiment. Died in measles outbreak, buried at mass grave Ft Lott, Texas.

Ignacio Perez, CSA

Adam Ray, CSA

Nelson Anderson Stephens, CSA

Leonard Stringer, Calvary

Joel Stringer, Confederate Army, Civil War

Enriquez Tober (Tover), CSA”Henriques Tober”

Co. A, Ragsdale’s Batt’n  TX Cavalry

Wilson Taylor, CSA

Aimuwell Willis. CSA

Crawford Willis (Killed at Shiloh), CSA

David Willis, Jr., CSA

Lemuel Willis, CSA

William Willis, CSA

Thomas Hill Floyd 2X Great Grandfather (Union) “had 5 more brothers who also fought in Union Army, 1 brother who fought for the Confederate Army
James Alexander McFall, Union, killed Battle of Decatur, AL
Preston Ogle, Union, died of typhoid at Camp Nelson, near Lexington, KY
Henry E. Lethco, 48th VA Inf. Confederate Army and 13th TN Cavalry Union Army
James Hamilton, Confederate Army
Reuben Smiddy, Jr. Union Army, died of dysentery Camp Nelson, K

Jesse Bolling, Confederate Army
Jesse A. Bunch, Confederate Army, killed

Granville Walker Braden, Union Army
Elias Reynolds, Union Army
Henry Miller, Union Army, killed at Knoxville, TN
Wesley Williams, Confederate Army

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Texas Rangers

Samuel Gowen, 1854 PH Rogers Texas Rangers

Raborn Goyens, 1857, W.R. Woods Mounted Men – Texas Rangers

Seaborn Goyens, 1857, W. R. Woods Mounted Men – Texas Rangers

James Goyen, 1857, San Saba, JH Conner Mounted Men – Texas Rangers

John N. Goyens, W. R. Wood, 1860 , Minutemen – Texas Rangers

Black War and Texas Revolution

Richard Giddens, Sgt. Black Hawk War, Cherokee

Zacheria Stringer, Seminole War, Black Hawk War, Texas Revolution

William H. Taylor, Texas Revolution

Josiah Taylor, Texas Revolution

George W. Chapman, Texas Revolution

Stephen Frazier, Texas Revolution

William Frazier, Texas Revolution

War of 1812

William Goyens, Jr., Mounted Cherokees in

Battle of the Horseshoe Bend, Alabama, War of 1812

War of 1812 Continued

William H. Taylor, War of 1812, DeClouet’s Regiment

James Groves, War of 1812, DeClout’s Regiment

Schuyler Hamilton
Simon Dotson
Reuben Smiddy
Jeremiah Bolling, Sr.

American Revolution

William Goings, Sr.  NC militia – Captain Dixon’s line, American Revolution

Edward Goings, NC militia, American Revolution, Battle at King’s Mountain

Nimrod Perkins, (Redbone progenitor) Free African American Soldier, drummer on board the galley Diligence from 1777 until 1781

Mingo Stringer served in Sharp’s Company of the 10th North Carolina Regiment between 5 May 1781 and 5 April 1782

George Sweat,Militia, Revolutionary War

Rev Joseph Willis, Sr., (Redbone progenitor) South Carolina Militia, Revolutionary War, served under General Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox.”

William Dotson
Maj. John Bolling
William “Billy” Ogle

Submitted by Alex Garcia, Gabe Gabehart, Susan Carpenter, Betty Calhoun, Joe Davis, Cyndie Goins Hoelscher, Howard Goins, Alvie Walts, Stacy R. Webb,  Patricia Hinkle Coburn, Elizabeth (Libby) Bunch Smiddy.