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Scientists found that there are exactly as many skin pigment colors to the various races of this world as there are different colors of soil [dirt]. Dedicated to those families, historically known as Redbone. One Tribe, One Nation, One Fire!

Some of our Partners

  • Senator Wade Hampton tells about a race of people in South Carolina called Redbones. Says he, “Their origin is unknown."
  • They have accumulated considerable property, and are industrious and peaceable. They live in small settlements at the foot of the mountains and associate with non but their own people.
  • They are a proud and high spirited people. Caste is very strong among them. They enjoy life, visit the watering places and mountain resorts, but eat by themselves and keep by themselves.
  • When the war broke out several of them enlisted in Hampton Legion, and when the legion reached Virginia there was a great outcry among the Virginians and the troops from other States against enlisting negroes.
  • They did not resemble the African in the least, except in the cases where Africans had amalgamated with Indians. This intermixture, which is common in the Carolinas, produced marvelous results. It takes the kink out of the hair of the African, straightens his features and improves him in every way except temper.
  • These Afro Indo people are devils when aroused and as slaves were hard to manage. In the first Bull Run battle they proved how well they could fight and all prejudices against them disappeared.